Who wore purple best?
Soleil Moon Frye!

Actress Soleil Moon Frye ("Punky Brewster") won the Alzheimer's Association “Who Wears Purple Best?” contest. Moon Frye edged out NFL star Terrell Owens and six other Alzheimer's Association celebrity Champions with a last minute streaming video and Tweets from famous friends Ashton Kutcher, Melissa Joan Hart and Danny Masterson. With more than 65,000 voters, the contest raised awareness of the growing global prevalence of Alzheimer's disease. Thanks everyone who voted and became an Alzheimer's Champion.

Special thanks to our celebrity Champions:

Soleil Moon Frye
"Punky Brewster"/
(51.6% of votes)

Terrell Owens
Buffalo Bills
(38% of votes)

David Hyde Pierce
"Frasier," "Curtains"
(1.1% of votes)

Seth Rogen
"Knocked Up"
(1.0% of votes)

Bradley Cooper
"The Hangover"
(.9% of votes)

Melina Kanakaredes
"CSI New York"
(.4% of votes)

Natalie Morales
(.4% of votes)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
"The View"
(.3% of votes)



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